Media & Tech Course Offerings

.5 Credits

Students who join this course will be introduced to the fundamentals of digital and analog photography.

In the first semester, students will research a photographer of their choosing and participate in various discussions about what creates a successful, compelling photograph. Attention will be given to the varying components of a camera, including the essential steps taken to manipulate a camera manually and effectively. You will be responsible for shooting two rolls of 35mm film, mixing chemicals, developing negatives, and creating enlargements on photosensitive paper with the proper Dark Room procedures.

In the winter months, you will take what you learned and apply it to the digital cameras in varying photo assignments.

You will learn the basics of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance your image, and you are expected to create a digital portfolio of the work you’ve produced.

.5 Credits

Have you ever experienced a film that has had a profound impact on your life? If so, have you ever wondered why it possessed such an influence over you? By joining this course, you will have the opportunity to answer these questions through the exploration of Structuralism in contemporary cinema.

At the start of the semester, students will be required to view a collection of critically successful independent films. You will participate in individually written reflections to illustrate the artistic merit of each, as well as identify how they convey meaning through a language evoked by the cinematic codes and conventions of Structuralist film theory. Using this knowledge, you will then go on to assume one of the integral roles of a film crew to produce & direct scenes from existing screenplays, as well as develop your own “Kuleshov Experiment”.

You will be introduced to the basics of film editing through exercises in Adobe Premiere Pro.

.5 Credits

Do you have a story to tell? Using prior knowledge about Structuralist film theory, each student is expected to write, produce, and direct their own short script, which will be written using Celtx screenwriting software.

The class will analyze screenplay form and how a director translates the words from the page to the screen. You will then go on to build a treatment or “lookbook” for your own story. This will include a comprehensive logline, descriptions of locations and characters, and a summary of the plot and visual aesthetic. Once this is complete, time will be allotted to each of you to develop your short script through the employment of formal techniques such as the close-up, point of view, framing, editing, and the use of sound as they function within particular filmic contexts and systemic languages.

Through these collaborative projects, you will continue to develop new skills with color grading and key frames within Adobe Premiere Pro.

** Prerequisite Structuralist Film Theory

.5 Credits

Is there an individual in your life that has an interesting past? Do you feel compelled to persuade someone to think a certain way about a divisive topic? Maybe you are fascinated with the way raindrops fall over the rooftops on Chase’s campus. Or perhaps you want to highlight the achievements of an athlete in their senior year. Well, now is your chance! You will help the class to identify the defining characteristics of a poetic, participatory, observational, or expository documentary.

You will then select a topic, conduct research, schedule and film interviews, compile your footage and edit together a short documentary using Adobe Premiere Pro.

** Prerequisite Structuralist Film Theory 

1 Credit

Join the Salmagundi team and help the class create a meaningful yearbook to be admired for decades to come! Some of your responsibilities will include: capturing high-quality images to highlight important events on campus in each division, graphically designing templates and managing content to meet deadlines.

You will begin the year organizing the student/faculty portrait pages and capturing memories of the autumn athletics and festive holiday events. The second half of the year will focus on designing creative visual & performing arts pages, as well as winter and spring athletics. Each student will also be responsible for connecting with the seniors to collaboratively assemble a collage of their most prized memories.  Joining this course build your knowledge graphic design, increase your sense of community and provide you with a platform to sculpt a valuable addition for Chase’s archive.

** Prerequisite Photography (including Chase Middle School PACT Program) 
** There may be a Freshman Fall and/or Spring Intro Class added (0.5 credits)

Arts is defined by all genres and forms that use electronic media, film and technology (analog & digital; old and new) as an artistic medium or a medium to broaden arts appreciation and awareness of any discipline.  

Express Yourself

At Chase, there is no limit when it comes to creative expression. Whether you’re looking to paint a watercolor landscape, learn to play classical piano or take the stage at the next musical, there is a space at Chase for you to find your artistic side.